Fasteners division

VASIFRAL 46 SrL sells for its customers in the field of mechaical, naval, Oil&Gas and Nuclear constructions assembly parts and accessories, having a special division for this kind of business.

  • Structural bolting

    Available standartds:
    EN150148, EN14399, ASTMA490M, ASTM A490M, ASTM A490, ASTM A325

  • Studding

    Available standartds:
    DIN976-1, DIN976, ANSI B16.5, U-BOLTS

  • Special fasteners

    Handling special projects means also facing with special fasteners.
    We found the best specialis in this field of production and this allows us to offer tthe best solutions for this kind of products.
    Based on drawings and full descriptions, a concept is born into a special product and this makes us show our dedication for fasteners.
    Material and coating may transform a standard item in a very special one - we want to let you know that we are used to this

  • General fasterners

    Available standartds:
    - hexagon head products
    - mild steel screws and bolts
    - hexagonal socket products
    - nuts
    - washers
    - eyebolts, wing screws, turnbuckles
    - wood screws
    - construction products